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The 12 Meats of Christmas: Your Holiday Meat Buying Guide

‘Tis the season of joyous gatherings and hearty feasts. As the holidays quickly approach, planning for the perfect Christmas dinner begins! Whether you’re a seasoned host looking to spice up tradition or a new cook seeking inspiration, Prime Time Butcher is happy to be your trusted companion in the kitchen.


Types and Cuts of Meat for Your Holiday Celebration

From spiral hams and turkey to beef roasts, duck, and lamb, Christmas brings an abundance of meats worthy of any celebration. If you’re looking for a truly standout centerpiece, Prime Time Butcher presents their top 12 meat selections for the most festive and delicious Christmas dinner:

1. Prime or Premium Angus Bone-In Prime Rib Roast

A cherished yearly tradition for many families, slow-roasted prime rib roast is rich, flavorful, and exceptionally tender. Let Prime Time Butcher prepare your Christmas roast standing, cradled, or herb-seasoned to your specifications. 

2. Dry Aged American Bone-In or Boneless Leg of Lamb Roast

Celebrated for its tenderness and more delicate flavor, this elegant cut takes to Greek-style marinades, garlicky herb crusts, or a simple coating of salt and pepper. For reduced cooking time and easier slicing, try a boneless leg of lamb roast this year.

3. Dry Aged Prime or Premium Angus: Filet Mignon Roast

Known as “the roast of all roasts,” filet mignon is one of the most luxurious and buttery-tender cuts of beef you can buy. Your guests will be absolutely delighted and indulged.

4. Dry Aged Prime Sirloin Roast Beef

An all-around favorite choice for any special occasion, the fat cap on the top side of this cut renders down during cooking for an extremely flavorful, fork-tender finish. Prime Time Butcher’s favorite Garlic Rosemary Sirloin Roast Beef recipe is topped with a buttery mushroom sauce.

5. All Natural Smoked Spiral Ham

Savory spiral ham is a classic crowd pleaser—and one of the easiest holiday entrées to prepare. Just heat in a roasting pan with 1/2-inch ginger ale and finish with Prime Time Butcher’s sweet honey glaze.

6. All Natural Bone-In Pork Roast

Succulent bone-in pork roast is a tender, juicy alternative to beef that can be quickly roasted or grilled on Christmas Day. Cut from the center of the loin, the ribs act as natural handles for carving—they also make an impressive presentation at the table. 

7. All Natural Boneless Turkey Roast

Here’s an all-natural turkey breast, bone out and tied into a beautiful roast for easier-than-ever carving. This roast goes from oven to holiday table in just 90 minutes. 

8. All Natural Whole Turkey 

A time-honored favorite for Christmas dinner, an all-natural, free-range, never-frozen turkey offers tender breast meat, dark meat legs, crispy wings, and leftovers for the next day. 

9.  All Natural Duck

Specially bred with the highest quality control, Long Island duck is known for its exceptionally flavorful meat and fat content. Whole duck can be smoked, roasted, or stuffed with a festive mixture of wild rice, nuts, and fruit. 

10. Dry Aged American Rack of Lamb

Christmas rack of lamb is elegant, impressive…and, yes, incredibly easy. Simply season with olive oil and herbs, sear for a few minutes on each side, then transfer to the oven to finish roasting.

11. Dry Aged Chuck Roast

Best when cooked low and slow, the versatile chuck roast can be braised in red wine, added to savory meat pies, or paired with potatoes, carrots, and onions for a comforting Christmas pot roast. 

12. All Natural Crown Roast of Pork

Expertly crafted by your neighborhood Prime Time Butcher, this 20-chop roast features two racks of frenched pork ribs tied into a visually stunning, circular crown. For a truly celebratory meal, fill the center with our apple, apricot, and sausage stuffing

Meat Quality and Grades

The expert butchers at Prime Time have a 50-year tradition of selecting only the best of the best. With your Christmas meat order, you’ll receive the finest cuts of poultry, pork, lamb, and USDA Prime dry-aged and Premium Angus meat available anywhere.

USDA Prime

A superb selection considered to be the “Gold Standard” of meat cuts. Dry aging and abundant marbling combine to give this highest-grade beef exceptional flavor, texture, and moistness. Roast, grill, or broil for outstanding results. Many people describe dry-aged beef as having a roasted, nutty flavor. You’ll taste the difference.

Premium Angus

USDA Premium Angus has slightly less marbling than Prime but is still very tender and juicy. Prime Time Butcher’s choice of Premium Angus cuts are hand-selected, giving them the same distinct advantages as Prime, with a smaller price tag. 

Premium Angus meat cuts from the loin and rib are flavorful when roasted, grilled, or broiled. Less tender cuts from the rump, round, and blade may also be prepared with moist-heat cooking preparations such as braising or stewing.

Prime Time Butcher’s Recommendations

Still not sure what to make for your holiday festivities? Ask your local Prime Time Butcher for their recommendations. From finding the right cuts to knowing which seasonings and marinades will elevate your meal, they have all the know-how you need to create the most memorable holiday spread. They’ll also make sure you have enough for every guest at the table. 

Holiday Hours and Ordering Deadlines

Put your holiday order in now! Prime Time Butcher is open December 24th until 4 pm and is closed on Christmas Day. We’ll reopen on December 26th to help you start planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Take a look at our Christmas Menu to find an amazing selection of ready-to-heat appetizers and sides to accompany your Christmas meats. You’ll also find a Cooked Holiday Dinner Package option to make your holiday feast a deliciously stress-free success. 


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