All Natural Bone-In Smoked Spiral Ham


Naturally hardwood smoked, cured and minimally processed our Premium All Natural Bone-In Smoked Spiral Ham will truly make your holiday meal memorable. Spiral hams are produced with hand-selected cuts of meat, naturally smoked to ensure rich flavor and tenderness. Each ham includes a honey glaze packet to use as the perfect accompaniment.

Each half is approximately 8.5 lbs.

SKU: P122

1/2 Spiral Ham – 6-8 Average Portions

Preheat oven to 325ºF. Place ham on rack in roasting pan and cover with foil. You may fill the bottom of the roasting pan with 1/2 inch of water or ginger ale to help retain moisture. Roast until the internal temperature is 140ºF. Using a meat thermometer will insure the best results. However, it generally takes 7-8 minutes per pound to reach the desired temperature.


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