Dry Aged Prime Chuck Roast

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The chuck roast, is the perfect cut of beef for pot roast, braising, or your slow cooker. It’s lean and loaded with rich beefy flavor.


32 – 48 oz – 3-6 Average Portions
48 – 64 oz – 6-8 Average Portions
64 – 80 oz – 8-10 Average Portions
80 – 96 oz – 10-12 Average Portions

If you choose you can dust your meat with seasoned flour. Heat oil, brown meat and set aside. Brown you vegetables (onions, carrots or other selections). Return Beef to the pot and cover with 2 inches water, broth or your favorite liquid. Cover and cook low and slow for approximately 1 hours to 1 hours and 30 minutes or until for tender. Option: When about 45 minutes remain in the cooking process, add vegetables. Adding vegetables at this time will help vegetables maintain their texture. Consult Cooking ABC’s for more information on cooking times.


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