The Bone-In Rib Extravaganza Collection

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Our Bone-In Rib Sampler includes the best rib steaks our master butchers have to offer. Try these cuts with a light marinade of extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, sage and fresh garlic.
All items in each gift package are vacuum-sealed and packed in our signature insulated shipper.

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    Dry Aged Prime Bone-in Rib Steak

    Our Dry Aged Prime Bone-in Rib Steak yields the "Three T's" - taste, tenderness and texture. Anytime the bone is left in a cut it enriches the intensity of flavor and Bone-in Rib Steak is a sterling example of robust flavor.

    20 oz

    Rib Veal Chop

    First Cut Rib Veal Chops are a thick high-end restaurant favorite. Long boned and tender, this cut has a delicate sweet taste. Best when grilled or broiled.

    20 oz

    All Natural Center Cut Rib Pork Chop

    The All Natural Center Cut Rib Pork Chop is carved from the center of the loin and is exuberantly flavorful and juicy. Works well with marinades and is ideal for roasting, grilling or pan-frying.

    1 1/4 inch

    Dry Aged American Rib Lamb Chop

    Dry Aged American Rib Lamb Chops are considered the finest of all lamb cuts. Their smooth texture, flavor and tenderness are simply superior. These succulent chops are a lamb lover's delight.

    Seasoning Options
    Herb Seasoned: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Chopped Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme & Sage.

    8 Rib Chops

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