The Prime Dry Aged Collection

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A Prime Time Butcher exclusive, our glorious collection contains only USDA Prime, the highest grade available. Every selection is custom aged for superb flavor and juicy tenderness.
All items in each gift package are vacuum-sealed and packed in our signature insulated shipper.

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    Dry Aged Prime Porterhouse Steak

    Our mouth watering Dry Aged Prime Porterhouse Steak is two cuts in one...a velvety whole Filet Mignon and a juicy Shell Steak divided down the middle by a "T" shaped bone. An exceptional steak for two.Some Steaks Will Not Include Porterhouse steak tails.

    48 oz

    Dry Aged Prime Bone-in Shell Steak

    Our Prime Dry Aged Bone-In Shell Steak is a steakhouse favorite. It is also known as New York or Kansas City Strip Steak. Hand-cut and Dry Aged for tenderness, these nicely marbled steaks are carved from the shortloin making them juicy, tender and full of flavor. This cut is a perfect balance between a higher fat steak such as Ribeye and a very lean steak such as Sirloin or Filet.

    20 oz

    Dry Aged All Natural Prime Filet Steak

    Our Dry Aged Prime All Natural Filet Mignon Steak is completely trimmed. It is one of the leanest cuts available. These steaks are prepared as individual portions and cook up tender and succulent.

    12 oz

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