Summer Grilling Smorgasbord


Can’t figure out what to grill? The Summer Grilling Smorgasbord is the answer. It has a great assortment of grilling favorites for that summer grill out. Don’t forgot the ready to heat side dishes!

Serves 6-8 Average Adults

1 x Pineapple Bourbon Cooked Baby Back Ribs
4 x Dry Aged Prime Bliss Burgers
6 x Hebrew National Kosher FrankS
1 x 32 oz Spiced Rubbed Turkey London Broil

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  • Bread *

    St. Pierre Brioche Hamburger Buns


    Because your burger deserves the best. Our Brioche Burger Buns are pre-sliced and deliciously soft, ready to be filled with your favorite burger and toppings. A perfectly golden and plump texture holds your fillings together for a satisfying bite every time. Our brioche is lightly sweet, and the shiny glaze on top of each bun makes every bite magnifique.


      St. Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Buns


      Our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls are top-split so you can instantly enjoy your favorite hot dog. Our rolls are golden, soft and beautifully plump to hold all your favorite toppings. They’re easy to match with all the ingredients you love for your hot dogs. So whether you want to keep it simple with a drizzle of ketchup and mustard, or indulge and add more classic French flavors like melted camembert, let your brioche rolls upgrade your hot dog.


        Martins Potato Hamburger Rolls


        Martin’s has been setting the gold standard for potato rolls since the introduction of Martin’s Famous Sandwich Potato Rolls first at farmers markets and later in grocery stores. The sweet buttery taste, soft texture, and distinctive golden color made them an instant favorite! These are the rolls that have helped many chefs and restaurants win top honors in burger contests all over the country!

        Although known to be the perfect bun for hamburgers, Martin’s Famous Sandwich Potato Rolls, made with only high quality ingredients, are perfect for any sandwich that you want to make a winner or “Famous”!


          Martins Potato Hot Dog Rolls


          It’s no wonder that Martin’s Famous Long Potato Rolls are popular, and yes, famous, around the country! Like all Martin’s products, these long potato rolls are made with high quality ingredients and our “secret family recipe,” which give them the pillowy softness and sweet buttery taste that people love! It’s the perfect flavor and texture combination for your hot dog, sausage, or mini hoagie!

          Martin’s Long Potato Rolls have been recognized as a top choice for chefs in restaurants, hot dog carts, and culinary competitions. Make your next meal “award-winning” or “Famous” with Martin’s Famous Long Potato Rolls!

          • Condiments *

            Heinz Ketchup


            Heinz Tomato Ketchup is made only from sweet, juicy, red ripe tomatoes for the signature thick and rich taste of Americas Favorite Ketchup. Did you know that every tomato in every bottle of Heinz Ketchup is grown from Heinz seeds? Grown not made… One reason why nothing else tastes like Heinz! The thick texture makes our ketchup perfect as a topping or for dipping. Our ketchup pairs well with fries, hamburgers, hot dogs and all of your summer grilling favorites


              Gluden’s Spicy Brown Mustard


              Add BOLD flavor to any meal or appetizer with a 12-ounce squeeze bottle of GULDEN’S Spicy Brown Mustard. Great for dressing homemade burgers and sandwiches, this spicy brown mustard also makes a tasty dipping sauce for pretzels and pigs in a blanket. This GULDEN’S Mustard comes in a squeeze bottle that makes it easy to get the perfect pour or drizzle every time. Give your favorite foods a delicious kick with GULDEN’S Spicy Brown Mustard, and try other GULDEN’S flavors, including Stone Ground Dijon, Sriracha, Honey and BOLD Yellow.


                Heinz Relish


                Featuring crunchy pickled cucumber and cabbage immersed in vinegar, Heinz Sweet Relish will help you create flavors that complement any dish. With pieces of red bell pepper and extracts of turmeric, our 12.7 fluid ounce bottle of Heinz Sweet Relish will add a completely new dimension of flavors to your favorite dish.


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                  SERVING SIZE GUIDE
                  1 Summer Grilling Smorgasbord – 6-8 Average Portions


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