X-Large Freezer Savings Package

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Introducing the X-Large Freezer Savings Package – your shortcut to gourmet convenience. This curated selection includes thin chicken cutlets, bone-in pork chops, dry-aged prime ground sirloin, turkey burgers, pork sausage, rotisserie chicken, and a free 2-pound all-natural ground chicken. Elevate your meals effortlessly with this premium assortment, perfect for a well-stocked freezer and culinary exploration.

Perfect For A Well Stocked Freezer!

4 lbs x All Natural Thin Chicken Cutlets
6 x 1 1/4″ Bone-In Pork Chops
2 x 2 lb Packages of Dry Aged Prime Ground Sirloin
2 x 2 lbs Dry Aged Prime Hip Sirloin London Broil
8 x 6 oz Dry Aged Prime Sirloin Burgers
8 x 6 oz All Natural Plain or Seasoned Turkey Burgers
2 lbs x Sweet or Hot Italian-Style Pork Sausage
2 x Cooked All Natural Rotisserie Chickens
4 x 8oz Portions of Faroe Island Salmon
FREE…2lbs All Natural Ground Chicken

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