Dry Aged Prime Beef

dry aged prime beef

The highest quality of beef available. Less than 3 percent of beef earns the Prime label...but all Prime is not the same. Meat varies in marbling, texture and color. These variables effect the taste and tenderness and many describe the dry aged beef as having a roasted or nutty flavor.

Meticulous care is devoted to hand-selecting our Prime Dry Aged Beef. This scrupulous attention ensures that our product is unsurpassed in tenderness and flavor. All of our Beef is dry aged in specially designed coolers producing cuts with unique flavor and outstanding buttery texture.

The dry aging process refers to hanging beef or placing it on a rack to dry for several weeks. During this time, moisture evaporates from the muscle, creating and sealing in a higher concentration of flavor. This style of aging is often looked at as the purest form.

Dry Aged Prime Sirloin Stew Cubes
Dry Aged Prime Standing Rib Roast
Dry Aged Prime Bottom Round Stew Cubes
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